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January 2018

Every single team member pitched in for this challenging yet fulfilling project. Although complicated and time-

consuming, coming up with solutions for the Tri Flo was an incredible accomplishment for us. We’re proud to showcase our resourcefulness and expertise. Replacing chart recorders, this innovative design charts product flow volumes and reports them remotely through our SCADA system which can be monitored by smart phone, tablet or computer. It's designed to be used upstream in allocation applications from custody transfer points when multiple entities are involved protecting your valued production. A typical application cost is around $1,250. Installation and optional monitoring is extra.


December 2017

An incredible device that works with your existing Electronic Flow Meter expanding control and monitoring of site systems 1/4 mile apart in trees or much further in open country applications ALL wirelessly. Uses master and slave units to accomplish amazing tasks and of course as most of our products do these can be monitored from a computer, tablet or smart phone. A pair runs around $1,000. Installation and optional monitoring is extra.


What We’ve Accomplished

At Tripaga, we work together to meet each challenge that comes our way. No matter how complex or involved each new engineering project is, our versatile team has the experience and expertise to know exactly what is required to achieve success. Check out some of our impressive projects.


Offering Solutions That Make A Difference

Tripaga, Inc., an engineering technology company in Longview, Texas, has addressed the need for a low cost method to either communicate wirelessly on a well site or to monitor production for allocation that provides a quick return on investment.   

This need was developed out of necessity from many years of experience in operating marginal producing well sites.  Our experience gives us a strong understanding of what goes into monitoring well heads, tank batteries, chemical injectors, compressors, and other integral assets required for the profitable operation of an oil and gas site.   

Our advanced engineering services, include measuring process variables such as: volume, pressure, flow, temperature and levels; all remotely monitored and are thoughtfully designed to provide efficient and sustainable solutions and results. Learn more about our services here.

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Our Goals

Tripaga, Inc. is comprised of a group of engineering experts who focus on creative solutions for complex engineering projects. Since 2014, we’ve accomplished much success with various projects. We strive for innovation and work carefully in order to stay within budget while providing maximum value for our clients.

In this depressed oil and gas environment, we made sure that we could deliver our products at a price point that offered a quick return on investment for producers. We are only interested in win/win relationships!



Our cutting-edge projects are carried out by a group of talented engineers who want to transform our communities. With everything we design and implement at Tripaga, we always try to make sure we work with our community in mind. We’re based in east Texas and have been happily innovating since 2014.